Monday, August 13, 2012

Week 32 of 2012 - Parades

My father was in retail. He owned and operated “five& dime stores” located in Imlay City and Harbor Beach Michigan. He was quite quite creative when it came to his marketing plans and on more than one occasion he used a good old parade as a great market tool. He was always on the hunt for just the right resource which he would use in the next marketing campaign. Often enlisted his family members including the grandchildren and their neighborhood friends (who were also sometimes his employees...) to help out with his plans.. The event was no exception. He found an old truck...1950's model I think...and we got out the grease paint. Not sure where he got the costumes but as I said he always seemed to find what ever he needed. 
Janet Tietz (as Andy), Pam Semp (as Annie) Brad, Kyle, Greg ,Shawn

This time the grandkids got to ride along and throw candy to the parade watchers from the back of the truck. I had moved to Arizona the year before and we came home for a visit.. ... I had the beginning of what turned out to be a raging migraine headache but did not want to disappoint my Dad or my kids who got to ride along in the parade. It was one of the only times my vision was not impaired. After the parade I took a long nap...and slept it off.

Another year ...another parade....

My mother was always such a good sport. Dad had he doing all sorts of things for his business now that all the kids were grown and in college. She worked daily in the store but he always made sure she had time to get dinner ready and watch her soaps in the afternoon. If she wanted an afternoon of she always got it!

My father always made it a point to have fun! I think we forget to do that sometimes. We get so busy living our life that we don't take time for fun! 

Derek and Greg get in on the act!
Brad, Harold,Greg, Kevin, Derek, Leah
Often it was a family affair which included the grandkids!

Hope you enjoyed this and lets learn how to have more fun!

Love,  Jan


  1. What precious photos and what great memories. It seems like yesterday until I see my boys and know that today they are almost 39, 36 and 33! What fun we had! Thanks, Jan! pam

  2. I still can't believe Dad convinced MOM to do that clown costume and makeup with us. I remember having to start very early to get all that makeup done in time for parade lineup! How my grandchildren would love an opportunity like this...I'm so glad we are blogging, Jan. SO MUCH TO PRESERVE AND TREASURE. Love you! Pam