Sunday, January 19, 2014

Week two of 2014 - First Grade

First grade would mean a new school for me and all the kids in our neighborhood.  Last year we rode the bus to Romeo to go to school.  This year we would go to the Washington School.  It was still a part of the Romeo school district but there were to many students in the Romeo classrooms so now our school would be Washington Elementary instead. We still road the bus but we drove a southern route through country roads and made our way to the school. We met all new kids.  The kids whom I had gotten to know last year in Romeo, most of them would stay there.  Those of us living on or south of 29 mile road would now go to Washington.We still rode the bus about the same length of time. 

  The school had two buildings.  One was obviously the original old school building built in the early 19the century. This building was multiple floors with a big huge staircase and large big window on the front and back of the building.   The newer building was a single story flat building with one hall and rooms on each side of the hall.  It was built about 1952.
I remember that the new school was different.  We did not get to play as much.  We sat at tables with small chairs and 8 to a table.  We had paper and pencils and it seemed like we practiced writing a lot.  My favorite time of the day was recess where we would play jump rope  and hopscotch in the school yard out doors most days.  Simple games for a simple time.

I can not be sure if this was from first or second grade picture but either way, it was close.  This dress was once again a dress that Grandpa Anderson gave me for school!

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  1. I had forgotten that you did go one year to the Romeo location. I wonder why I went to Romeo (South Grade School) straight through and never went to Washington...must have been due to class size or something. Do you remember your teacher's name? Mrs. Rowley? Sure wish I would have taken up journaling at a young we have the stories to tell!