Friday, July 6, 2012

Week 26 of 2012 - Favorite Dessert

I have a sweet tooth but I did not always have it.  It seems to have gotten worse with age. Today, I love ice cream and anything chocolate but especially dark chocolate. I returned from vacation and looked up the topic for last week when I was gone.  Favorite Dessert, I thought and it left me thinking for a good long time.  A favorite dessert, well isn't that strange.  You would think that I would have one from my childhood but I don't.  Mom used to make cookies, cakes, pies...all sorts of things especially for “Special Occasions”, birthdays and holidays but none really sticks out in my mind.

She always made a cake for your birthday.  Here I am for my first birthday with a bright pink cake.  I wonder how much red food coloring it took to get it that pink? And here are a few more of my birthdays...

Notice the help I am getting with blowing out the candles.  It happened every year!

I think this must have been Pam's birthday.  There are too many candle on the cake for my birthday.  Look, even Mom got in the act for this birthday.  We all helped for everyone's birthday. I am not sure how or when that started but as I look at the old photos it happened in all of the pictures...Sometimes all 7 of us are doing it. Of course, Dad is taking the picture and for all  I know maybe he is trying to help from behind the camera.!! So for Birthdays we had cake for sure!
 I do not think that I really asked for a specific cake until I was older..and by then a new flavor was introduced in the boxed cake selections; it was German Chocolate with coconut frosting and that became my favorite.
  As a child, I was pretty fond of ice cream. I remember we had a milk delivery service called Twin Pines and the Twin Pines man had ice cream which he sold by the box on his truck in the summer.  We would work for the farm on 29 Mile picking produce and made a little spending money.  I would buy a box of ice cream bars or ice cream sandwiches.  "Ok, but you have to share them," Mom always said when I asked her if I could buy some.  I couldn’t eat the whole box!  Usually by the time the box got passed around there was maybe one left for me for later.

Ok, so there you have it!  It must be cake and ice cream.

Until the next memory ...


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