Saturday, March 15, 2014

Week 10 of 2014 - Movie Time

Movies we saw when I was a kid...

We did not go to the movies very often.  We had a movie theater in Romeo. With six children in the family, it would have cost a small fortune for all of us to go.  When we did go, it was most likely a matinee. We lived outside of town so it just wasn't something that we did often.   I remember going to see Mary Poppins with my Mother and Dad in 1964.

 I remember having a hard time deciding if I wanted candy or popcorn as we got ready for the movie to start.  I settled on popcorn with butter.  It was so greasy and I did not get enough napkins for my hands so I sat for the rest of the movie with greasy hands.  My sister Sue always got Snow Caps, the dark chocolate wafer candy with white sprinkles on the top.

In 1966, for the 10th Anniversary of the Cecil B. DeMille's "The Ten Commandments", a large group of us from the Romeo Methodist church went to Detroit to the Fisher Theater to see the movie.  It was the Methodist Youth Fellowship group and their families who went. I was one of the younger kids in our group.  It was my most memorable movie.  It was an special showing event for our youth group and others.  The theater was large and beautiful. It had a wide staircase that we climbed as we made the way to our seats which were high in the balcony.  Every seat was a good seat and really comfortable to sit in. I do not remember if we had candy or popcorn.  I remember that the movie was really long and I had to get up once to use the bathroom.  I was so disappointed because I had to miss a minute or two of the movie.

I remember seeing Lady and the Tramp.  It must have been a second release for this movie because it came out in 1955, the year that I was born.  It could have been near the 10th Anniversary of this movie also. 


I also remember seeing "The 101 Dalmatians".  It was first released in 1961 but I do not think that was when I saw it.  

As you can see, there is a trend forming here.  We went to see primarily Disney movies and usually one or two a year. Disney movies were extremely popular and kid friendly!

 Enjoy,  Jan

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