Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Week Three of 2013

It is my brother's 50th birthday! Wow...It is a great day for a party, don't you think?  We had a surprise birthday party for him on New Years Eve this year because some of us can not be there with him today. For the party, I made him a slideshow of old photos of him. It turned out pretty long....so today  I made a shorter version and posted it on Face book. Check it out ...It's a few minutes long with some of the same pictures and some other favorites.

On the blog here, I have the ability of sharing with you some of the stories behind the photos...

Sharon is checking out her new baby brother - 1963
 Mark was the first baby brother we had in our house.  Sharon  had to inspect him pretty closely to make sure that everything was OK!

Mark is making sure that this baby brother is real! - 1964

In 1964, Matt was born and now there were two brothers.  Mark had to make sure that this little guy was real and not just a noise maker!

Mark driving his first car at the Peach Festival in Romeo - 1965

September always brings the Peach Festival to Romeo and with it comes the carnival with it's rides and cotton candy.  In this picture the older kids are anxious to get to go on the "big kid" rides but Mom makes sure that we all  wait patiently while Mark gets his turn!

Cooking Hot dogs in the Fireplace. 1966

 Sometime in the dead of winter, my dad would start a fire in the fireplace and we would roast hot dogs for dinner and marshmallows for dessert!

Teaching her son to fight. - 1966

Mom teaching Mark to box.  What is funny about this is that my Mom was so gentle.  She was the last person who could teach someone to fight.   But she would watch the Red Wings with my Dad and get so excited when a fight broke out!!!!

Vanderbilt Vacation - 1964
Mom took the watering can away from Mark to use it to rinse Pam's hair.  Needless to say Mark was not very happy! Yes, sometimes when we were camping we did wash our hair in the lake!

Losee Reunion in Lapeer in 1964

 Mark go bored at the Losee Reunion so the big sisters took him to go play on the playground toys!  Check out the old cars in the parking lot.  They were new then!!!!!

Ready to go camping - 1965
Sue and Mark are checking out the Camper. Getting ready to go on another Smith Camping adventure!

Sharon and Mark - Boston 1967
Sharon and Mark in Boston in 1967. We were following the Freedom Trail along with a bunch of other tourist.  We tried to duplicate this photo in 2010 when we all returned to Boston together when my brother Matt ran the Boston Marathon.  Not quite right but a great photo anyway...

Sharon and Mark -2010

Mark in Arizona at the time of his wedding...Mark loves his Raider!!!  Can you tell?
Mark and his favorite meal in Denmark - 2010
Mark and his hotdogs in Denmark.  I do not know how many of these he ate but he got the biggest kick out of theses long skinny hotdogs!

I am wishing my brother the best birthday!!!

Happy Birthday, Mark!

Love, Jan

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