Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Week 36 of 2012 - Dances and sleep overs

This week's topic was suppose to be about the Sadie Hawkins dance. Humm. I don't remember one. I know that we had them at school but..I never went to one. I must have been too much of a chicken to ask any one. So I guess I talk about dances and the events of Jr High School, in general.

Do you remember dances in Jr High? I remember them in Romeo. They were on Friday and if I wanted to go, I had to stay after school because there would be no way for me to get back to town if I rode the bus home.  And if I stayed after school it was always at Janie Dembowski's house.  It was so much fun being at Janie's house. They had a big family too so I felt right at home. She had more older siblings than I had. She was one of the youngest of the kids. Where as in my family, I was smack dab in the middle of the pack! Her Mom was a great cook and she always had enough food for everyone! She was full of love with lots of hugs and made you feel like you belonged.

Janie happened to live directly across the street from the Jr High School so it was very convenient. Her father owned the Ford dealership in Romeo. They were fairly close to downtown so we could walk to Main Street. It was quite a thrill for a country bumpkin like me to be able to walk to town. To a place where you can actually buy something! We were used to walking all over the place but there was never an actually business which you could arrive at! We had beaches, woods, ponds, creeks, swamps, farms, a gravel pit, a nature preserve and long dirt roads. She had a dime store, a drug store, a shoe store, a grocery store and all the other shops in town. I remember there was a small shop next to the drug store which I think sold trinkets, collectables and maybe clocks...but they also had candy. It became one of our favorite places to visit. They sold candy sticks in a wide assortment of flavors. I tried most of them and decided that Chocolate Mint was my favorite! I think it was this store that I also bought the dark cherry candy drops which I loved. ( It's funny how these memories start to flood your mind when you start to write.) We always had time after school to head to main street for a piece or two of candy.

I have vague memories of getting ready in Janie's room for the dance, putting on new makeup and doing out hair. I must have worn my dress to school or brought it in a bag, I don't remember. At the appointed time, we walked crossed the street and entered the school. Once there, all the kids assembled in the gym. There were chairs all around the out side walls of the gym, kids mingled and the music played. No one would dance for quite a while as we "warmed up"... Girls sitting with girl friends, boys sitting with their friends too. All engaged in nervous chatter not quite knowing what they should be doing next. Eventually a brave group or two of girls would get on the dance floor. It was all a matter of “breaking the ice” and getting the dancing started. The boys would eventually warm up and most would dance. It was obvious that some of the boys really liked to dance while others merely pretended to and some never left their chairs. By the end of the evening some of the boys were brave enough to ask a girl to dance. As long as the music had a good dance beat to it, the floor got pretty full. When they played a slow song the dance floor emptied much like the drain in a bathtub! You could almost hear the sucking sound as the kids raced for the chairs that circled the gym, much like a game of musical chairs leaving some people to stand on the side lines with no where to sit. I remember having fun.

It became a regular ritual, me staying after school on Friday with Janie. Sometimes it was for a football game, a basketball game, a dance or no reason at all. Sometimes my Dad would come get me on his way home from work. Other times I got to spend the night at Janie's and they picked me up in the morning on the way to get our weeks worth of groceries at the A&P grocery store. It was at this age when sleeping over at your friends house became very important.

Happy memories, Jan

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