Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Week 22 - 2012 - BREADBOX

Breadbox...bread box...I'm not even sure how to spell it correctly.  I haven't thought about a breadbox in 30+ years!  I remember Grandma Smith (Lillian) having one, I remember my mother in law, Gloria Semp, having one and I remember having one myself, early in my married life.  Breadboxes, while I'm sure were developed to keep a food staple...bread....fresh, were also part of the decorating scheme in a kitchen.  Often matching the canister sets that sat on the counter, I remember ones of chrome and black, copper and the "go with everything" white.  Usually, there was a shelf inside for more storage space and air vents in the back or sides.  As the "country" theme became popular, breadboxes became desirable in wood.  At that point, oak or walnut to match the kitchen cupboards was the rage.  At craftshows in the 1980's, custom painted creations were readily available with various themes.  Sometimes you would find wooden canister sets, trash containers and wall shelves all to match.  Do you remember the canister sets, too?  From large to small....flour, sugar, brown sugar, coffee, tea, a cookie jar...the more the better!  Oatmeal, rice, corn starch...did we just like to clutter the counter or was it convenient to have it at arms reach?  Today's clean, uncluttered look is a stark comparison to my early years of life.  If you haven't thought about the breadbox lately, you're not alone.  What other things can you think of that just aren't used anymore?  I'm sure there are many!

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